Tuesday, 13 November 2012


I used to hate this group because of their macho Conan the Barbarian image and generally slow anthemic rock/metal music. I think gave myself about 3 times to listen properly and I liked the Warriors Of The World album most. It was heavy and very strong music. Now I'm kinda okay with their music.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2012

I watched this film last week with bit of expectation but it didn't reach my expectation. My honest opinion is that it's too similar to Spider-Man 2002. It seems as if staff behind this film has swapped the villain the Vulture to the Lizard. Sorry I meant the Green Goblin... Actor Andrew Garfield was mumbling a lot and he doesn't speak clearly and I just don't understand his English much. I will give credit for outstanding camera works and stunt. It's less obvious computer generated image for Spider-Man but the Lizard's face was still very CGI. Not very likable face. Anyways it wasn't a bad film. It's okay if you want to kill the time.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Three Lions...

I'm a devoted fan and supporter of beloved country England and my football team England and since the last post there's been few games. England have successfully qualified to EURO 2012 and big news was that Capello has quit England manager role and Stuart Pearce is now in charge as caretaker basis. Also England now have new kit from Umbro all in white with red trim. IMHO it's rubbish and tayloring by Umbro range is getting boring and it's too 19th century or 1950s or 60s too old. Previous 2 kits has been way too similar. Reason why I don't like current kit is that shorts is white and England always had navy blue shorts and world cup winning star should be gold. It's not traditional and also all white has been tried 2009-2010 kit. England had awful tournament in South Africa and it reminds me of that horrible time and bad performance from the whole team. Hope I'm going to be wrong but we all know that England won't do well in Euro 2012.

1 year and couple of months on...

I'm going to write something again and the reason why I stopped posting blogs was that I got caught in between work (that I don't enjoy and it's been very stressful), earthquake and tidal wave problem in north east Japan, personal stuff at home i.e. family so that's what really went behind. I am going to resume this blog and would like to type something occasionally if not regularly.

Sunday, 13 February 2011


I watched this movie back in late december 2010 so don't remember the whole story but it's about this comic book nerd turn into a real life super hero. He was a skinny kid but he kept on training him self and gained some experience while he faced near death accidents. He covers himself with pathetic green and yellow spandex suits. He's only active during the night and one knight he saved this one particular man in front of convenience store from the thugs and some kid video taped him on mobile phone and uploaded on YouTube channel and he gained some kind of cult status. Then story goes more complicated involving many real life super hero wannabes. It was one of the best film I've seen in last few years and it's pretty good and there's already a plan for the 2nd series...

Watch it if you are into Marvel or DC comic super heroes. If not still watch it cos it's still funny in some parts of this film.


This is a Nintendo release for SNES and in Japan it's known as Mother 2. Mother is the original title for NES release.

I don't know when this game came out and played and completed it while ago so I don't remember much but I will write full from my memory.

All I know is that this is the official nintendo game and it's RPG (Role Playing Game) like Ultima and Wizardry... Or Dragon Warrior (Dragon Quest) or Final Fantasy etc.

The reason I do not play much RPG is that it take too bloody long to play and that's what I don't like about it. Good thing is that story is deep and it's like reading a book. Also it does make you think to progress further in the game and when you are fighting against the enemies there's lot of strategy and depth in these games.

Anyways this mother is more realistic based RPG rather than typical European history or fantasy/folklore story. Like King Arthur Legends etc.

Why it's realistic because the main character uses baseball cap as a helmet, for weapon baseball bat or cricket bat to damage the enemy and use a lid as a shield to defend your self etc. And then when you need some cash withdraw money from cash-machine etc.

More story progress you meet your pals and join your party and then eventually you fight against alien boss. You can also use psychic power to fight or heal your wounds.

Nintendo don't make much crap games and I would recommend this if you want to play RPG.